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StrateGic technology development

We tackle tough problems, emerging technology, vague scopes — and deliver.



Emerging Technologies

We love to be on the bleeding edge of technology and always push ourselves rather than fall back to what we know. We are the ideal team to help clients explore emerging tech.

  • Flutter, Flutter Desktop, and Flutter Web

  • Serverless back-end infrastructures

  • VR / AR

  • And, whatever comes next

Flexible Models

Partnership is essential to the success of our work. We do not do fixed fees or rigorous scoping because it never ends well for anyone. Instead we create strong frameworks and accountability structures.

  • Customized partnership models

  • Time-based working model

  • NYC-based developers as well as fully managed offshore solutions

Some or All

We can provide everything needed to deliver a new software solution or we can work with existing teams and capabilities to focus only where we can add the most value.

  • UX / UI Design

  • Front-end Development (Flutter, iOS, Android)

  • Back-end Development

  • Product Management

  • Team Growth, Training, and Hiring


Flutter comes to us for big moments

We have a tight relationship with the core Flutter team and are their trusted partner when they need a custom app to demonstrate Flutter’s amazing capabilities.