Flutter Training for Teams

Accelerate your team’s Flutter expertise

Very Good Training is a series of workshops that teaches engineering teams our proven practices for developing Flutter apps. Workshops consist of live instruction and are delivered remotely over the course of three days.
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Proven best practices

We’ve provided Flutter expertise to over 30+ companies. Our proven practices will help you learn how to write quality code with every line of your Flutter app.

Beyond the basics

Dive deep into the topics you need to know to build scalable apps. Learn about advanced topics such as testing and automation, architecture, accessibility, and more.

Learn from experts

Our team has been leading the way enterprise Flutter apps are built since 2018. We’ll teach you the topics needed to build and ship scalable applications.

A curriculum for building scalable applications.

We'll teach you the topics your team needs to build scalable Flutter applications. All training materials are kept up to date with the latest stable releases of Flutter and Dart.

Topics covered:

App architecture
State management with flutter_bloc
Building custom UI
Networking over HTTP
Testing & automation
Internationalization & localization
Packages & plugins
Backend development with dart_frog


Who can sign up for training?

Engineering teams of any size who are starting with Flutter or looking to take their skills to the next level. At this time, we are not offering training sessions for individual developers.

Can our team change the topics addressed during training?

The list of topics we cover can be found here. We may be able to make minor updates to the curriculum if there is something your team would like to learn about more in-depth.

What is the format of Very Good Training?

Very Good Training is a live workshop delivered virtually over the course of three days. Each day contains a 3-hour morning session, a 1-hour lunch break, and a 4-hour afternoon session.

How often is Very Good Training offered?

We offer our Very Good Training three-day workshop once a month. Contact us for the next available dates.