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Very Good Ventures is a technology partner and venture studio in NYC


We form long-term partnerships with exceptional companies and brands for end-to-end mobile product management. We design and develop mission-critical apps, facilitate high profile product launches, build and manage technical teams, and provide on-going product management and technical development.

We do all this so that our partners can focus on their business and leave the tech up to us.


Our expertise


We are globally recognized leaders in Flutter, iOS, Android, and API development.


We provide all of the skills and capabilities to incubate and launch new technology ventures for web and mobile — design & strategy, technical architecture, cloud infrastructure & server-side development, web development, and mobile app development.

We are recognized leaders in iOS, Android, and Flutter development as well as node.js server-side development primarily using serverless deployment, Firebase, and Google Cloud.


Global leaders in Flutter development


Flutter is an emerging cross-platform mobile framework developed by Google. Our team is one of the most experienced Flutter development teams in the world.

The Hamilton app has been the flagship Flutter app since its launch in August 2017, and our Flutter apps have been featured at Google I/O and Google tech conferences around the world. We were also tasked by Google to create a Flutter-based Mac app for the Flutter Live ‘18 keynote.


partners & Ventures


The Hamilton App

We are the mobile technology team for the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton. We provide design, product management, and development for the mobile apps and the server-side infrastructure.


Flutter (Google)

As early adopters of Google’s multi-platform mobile framework, Flutter, we have forged a close relationship with the Flutter team. At Flutter Live ‘18 in London, the Flutter team tasked us with creating a Mac desktop app in Flutter to run the event’s keynote presentation.


Berkheimer E-File

We provide a complete mobile development solution for H.A. Berkheimer, Pennsylvania’s largest earned income tax collector. We design, development, and manage all aspects of the mobile applications.



VGV’s fist internally incubated app, BetaBubs Play Emojis is the first of many simple educational games targeted at children aged 2-5. Featured at Google I/O 2018.


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