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Flutter Transformation

We help transform teams from Native to Flutter by accelerating expertise and productivity.

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Our transformation process accelerates expertise and productivity.

Get Flutter right by tapping into our experience.

Establish evaluation criteria and understand Flutter’s impact on your business.
Create a real Flutter product, in a new or existing app, that can be evaluated and socialized.
Train & Onboard
Structured Flutter training and guided onboarding to accelerate team expertise and confidence.
Scale Best Practices
Implement best practices, processes, and automation to support Flutter at scale.

We've been at the forefront of Flutter since the beginning. Our experience is your advantage.

Launched First Flutter App
August 2017
We built the first commercial Flutter app: The Hamilton App
First Flutter Desktop App
December 2018
The Flutter team tasked us with creating the first major Flutter Desktop app (for macOS): Slides at Flutter Live 2018
First Flutter Web Prototype
May 2019
We collaborated with the New York Times and Google to create the first commercial Flutter web prototype: New York Times KENKEN
Supercharge Team Productivity

Flutter helps teams move faster than the competition

Raise Your Productivity by building features once and getting them on all platforms.

Increase Team Efficiency by focusing on adding value rather than platform-specific project management.

Improve Developer Happiness with faster development cycles and enjoyable tooling.

Zaitrarrio Collier

“VGV has given my team a leap forward in their confidence and ability to navigate effectively within the rich ecosystem and capabilities of Flutter.”

Zaitrarrio Collier, Good Money
Head of Engineering
hamilton american musical very good ventures flutter
hamilton american musical very good ventures flutter
hamilton american musical very good ventures flutter
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Flutter Transformation

Move to Flutter with confidence.

Our deep expertise helps teams transition to Flutter more rapidly, productively, and confidently.

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