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Working with Flutter?  Get access to our team of experts to help you train, improve, or just get un-stuck.
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Train Your Team

Flutter Training for Teams

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Flutter training for engineering teams.

Accelerate your team's expertise and go beyond the basics.
Get access to VGV proven practices for developing Flutter apps. Learn all of the topics you need to know to build and maintain scalable apps.
Proven best practices
Project architecture
Testing & automation
Internationalization & accessibility

Improve Quality of Existing Code

Flutter Code Assessment

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Improve Your Flutter Code and Practices.

Rigorous evaluation of existing Flutter code with recommendations for scalable best practices
Architecture review
State management implementation
Code quality
CI/CD & automation
Project setup & structure
Testability & test coverage
Design patterns
Best practices

Get Expert Support

Flutter Advisory

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Access the world's best Flutter resources

Collaborate and pair program with the industry's top Flutter engineers
Need a help?
Chat, collaborate, and pair program with top Flutter developers.
Our team is here to help you implement best practices, answer questions, and get you and your team productive.
Real-time slack chat
Code review
Pair programming
Architecture & patterns

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