Partner with Confidence

Even with a talented team, converting two large, legacy codebases into a single codebase using an unfamiliar technology was a challenging proposition. Working with VGV gave us the added confidence we needed to evaluate Flutter, figure out that we love it, and commit to migrating our entire app.
Sam Moore
VP Architecture
The VGV team created an unprecedented experience for Hamilton fans and has been a trusted partner since 2017. There’s no better team to help us give our fans incredible ways to connect with the show."
Mike Karns
There are always many ways to solve a problem, but as long-time Flutter experts, VGV came in with specific recommendations about best practices. Their proposal showed us how we could efficiently and consistently deliver improvements for the user.
Ammon Lockwood
Director of Software Engineering
VGV were team members for all intents and purposes. One of my team said, ‘I don't know where our team ends and their team begins’.
Christopher Gulliver
Head of Engineering
"Very Good Ventures took an ambiguous scope and a tight unmovable deadline, and delivered. I feel confident to work with them for our most demanding Flutter projects."
Tim Sneath
Group Product Manager, Flutter & Dart
"Very Good Ventures' assessment of our mobile application codebase has been a game changer for the future of our company. Ever since we've followed their recommendations, we've been standing on solid ground to build the software that truly enables us to change health care for the better."
Mathieu D'Amours
Very Good Ventures has been an excellent team to work with from the very start of our app, through the initial release, and continues to bring the same excellence many updates later! They really do a great job with the structure, planning, and documentation of their work. On top of that they provide outstanding support to answer any questions that arise. One of the best parts has been their willingness and encouragement for us to get involved so we can manage and scale our app internally into the future. This really made us happy and comfortable knowing the relationship would exist because we wanted it to, not because it had to.
Brock Belmonte
Associate Software Developer