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Very Good Ventures is the world’s leading Flutter development team. We have been working with Flutter longer than anyone and on the biggest Flutter apps.

We built the first commercial app outside of Google in 2017 (the Hamilton app). Since then, we haven’t looked back. In fact, we haven’t built a mobile app without using Flutter ever since.

Our goal is to help the global technology community embrace best practices for Flutter at scale.
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What is Flutter?

Flutter is forever changing how apps are developed. Flutter is a UI toolkit created by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

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We show the world what Flutter can do.

Launched First Flutter App
August 2017
We built the first commercial Flutter app: The Hamilton App
First Flutter Desktop App
December 2018
The Flutter team tasked us with creating the first major Flutter Desktop app (for macOS): Slides at Flutter Live 2018
First Flutter Web Prototype
May 2019
We collaborated with the New York Times and Google to create the first commercial Flutter web prototype: New York Times KENKEN

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"Very Good Ventures puts a lot of design guidance into the Toolkit. It offers a beautiful UI that users can easily customize, but they start from a great looking, performant app.”
Zoey Fan, Senior Product Manager at Google
Read how Very Good Ventures designed and developed the Flutter News Toolkit.
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