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Ebook: Enterprise Tech Teams and Flutter

Flutter is a framework for high performing apps and organizations

High-performing teams want to get ideas to market fast. Leading companies like MarketWatch, Betterment, and V1 Sports are ditching the native tax and building for multiple devices from a single codebase with Flutter, unlocking company-wide efficiency along the way. This ebook shows you how.

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How Flutter can scale your business

Save time and effort

Target *every* screen with Flutter - mobile, web, desktop, embedded, in-vehicle

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Improve collaboration

Unleash efficiency with an intuitive language, customizable widgets, and sharable libraries and assets

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Portable code & teams

VGV training, best practices, and tooling help you standardize design and development

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Flutter is a framework for building apps. But also for building high performing tech organizations. Every time we accelerate development, we make better products and put them in the hands of users faster.
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