Innovating Web Development with the First Flutter Web App

Project Overview

The New York Times puzzles are wildly popular with millions of players every day. But developing new games and maintaining existing ones was a huge undertaking given the complexity of web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Very Good Ventures collaborated with the Times and Google to explore Flutter on the Web as a viable alternative — creating the first commercial Flutter Web prototype that debuted at Google IO 2019.

New York Times KENKEN puzzle app made its debut on stage at Google I/O 2019.

First Commercial Flutter Web App

Flutter is well-known as the best solution for mobile apps, but Flutter on the Web is a game-changer. The KENKEN app designed and developed by VGV debuted in the technical keynote of Google I/O 2019 demonstrating the power of Flutter on the Web.

Girl smiling with Dash and Sparky on her shoulders and Android Jetpack and Chrome Dino in the background

Flutter on All Platforms

Using responsive design patterns and device specific customizations, VGV successfully demonstrated how a single codebase can create beautiful high performance apps for iOS, Android, mac, Windows, and the Web!

I/O Photo Booth was featured in four tents in the interactive I/O Adventure and users could access the web app from these locations.
In addition to visiting the web app directly, users could access it through the interactive I/O Adventure

Incredible Productivity

VGV implemented continuous integration that published app updates to a Firebase hosting project, which drastically sped up design review and client feedback. Rather than building apps and running mobile app betas, the team could iterate in near real-time thanks to Flutter on the Web.

New York Times


First commercial Flutter Web demo


A single codebase produced apps for iOS, Android, mac, Windows, Web, and mobile Web


Digital app subscribers

"Rather than re-writing the puzzle app for every different platform, they can just write it once with Flutter."

Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations

Project Outcomes

Prototype Proven

In mid-2020 the NY Times added Flutter to their primary games app after successfully piloting Flutter.

KENKEN win animation

Rapid Iteration

Using Firebase Hosting and Google Sign-in, we were able to drastically reduce the cycle time of app builds and QA reviews.

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New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most influential media companies on the planet and the 3rd largest publication in the US. Its online and mobile puzzle games are enjoyed by millions of daily users and are one of the company’s top revenue sources. With Flutter on the Web, app development became an astonishingly good technology solution. Google and the New York Times turned to VGV to show the world what is possible.

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