Better Tax Filing Experience with Flutter

Project Overview

Berkheimer Tax Innovations is Pennsylvania’s largest and most trusted tax administrator in Pennsylvania, processing millions of dollars in state revenue. As the industry leader, Berkheimer wanted to modernize and improve the user experience of filing and paying PA taxes. VGV created a clean, intuitive design and scalable Flutter app to streamline business operations and usher in a new era of customer experience.

Intuitive Mobile Design

Creating a tax return is a complex process that everyone must do regardless of age or tech savviness. The VGV design team created a simple, clean user experience design with an intuitive wizard approach to help maximize the completion of mobile tax returns and bill payments.

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Modern, Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Mobile apps require high availability and high performance access to backend resources. The VGV team helped the Berkheimer team develop scalable cloud infrastructure that met both performance, reliability, and stringent security needs.

I/O Photo Booth was featured in four tents in the interactive I/O Adventure and users could access the web app from these locations.
In addition to visiting the web app directly, users could access it through the interactive I/O Adventure

Innovative Integrations

The Berkheimer app stretched the boundaries of the Flutter ecosystem. The app integrates with the government approved Official Payments platform. Additionally, the app utilizes the industry-leading Kofax SDK for document capture and processing using the device’s camera.

H.A. Berkheimer

100s of 1000s

Annual tax dollars processed


Year over year user growth

"Flutter’s developer productivity and app quality is a strategic advantage that helps us reach more taxpayers faster. VGV was essential to our ability to confidently enter the market with Flutter."

Tim Fehr, President

Project Outcomes

Multi-platform Mobile App

VGV used Flutter to create the best tax app for PA residents accessible to both iOS and Android mobile devices. Eliminating the duplicative costs of developing for multiple platforms was essential to Berkheimer’s efficiency goals.

Support & Enhancement

Since Berkheimer does not have an in-house mobile team, VGV has been a continuous partner to ensure long-term app success. Our experts monitor the app, apply updates, fix bugs, and continuously improve and enhance the product as its requirements and features grow.

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H.A. Berkheimer

Berkheimer has over 80 years of successful collection and administration for the state of Pennsylvania. As the state’s largest tax administrator, efficient collection and distribution of state revenue is paramount. Building a mobile app with Flutter ensured that the app could be accessible to all taxpayers while keeping development costs as efficient as possible.

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