Building games with Flutter

Project Overview

Built for Google I/O '22, I/O Pinball showcases the power of Flutter for building games. We also used Firebase to keep track of scores for the global leaderboard and the Flame Engine for elements like animations, physics, and collision detection. The full source code can be found on GitHub.

Dash, Sparky, Chrome Dino, and Android Jetpack gathering around a pinball machine.

I/O Pinball Powered by Flutter and Firebase

A closer look at how we built a classic pinball experience using Flutter, Firebase, and the Flame Engine.

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Girl smiling with Dash and Sparky on her shoulders and Android Jetpack and Chrome Dino in the background
I/O Photo Booth was featured in four tents in the interactive I/O Adventure and users could access the web app from these locations.
In addition to visiting the web app directly, users could access it through the interactive I/O Adventure
I/O Pinball

Project Outcomes

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I/O Pinball

Google is a global company with hundreds of thousands of employees around the world. The company is most known for the Google search engine, as well as numerous other cloud computing, internet, hardware, and software services. Google launched Flutter in 2017 as a solution to build apps for all screens and has since partnered with us numerous times to demonstrate Flutter’s amazing potential.

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