Our team has designed, built, and shipped dozens of apps. Here are some of our most recent and favorite ones.


The Hamilton App


The first commercial app built with Flutter. We designed, built, launched, and currently maintain the Hamilton app as well as the serverless backend hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The app has been installed more than 2 million times and is loved by more than 500,000 monthly active users.

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A Multi-Platform KENKEN Game for Google I/O 2019


What better way to showcase the potential for Flutter for the Web than for the New York Times to explore a multi-platform version of its popular KENKEN game? We were honored to work with the incredible teams at the New York Times and Google to create a truly multi-platform application. The KENKEN prototype debuted at Google I/O 2019 and delivers a consistent experience on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the Web from a single codebase.

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Desktop Slides App for Google’s Flutter Team


We have been tapped numerous times by the Flutter team at Google for various “skunk works” projects. When the Flutter team needs top notch execution of a Flutter app with a tight timeline and fuzzy scope, they call us. We created a custom desktop slides app for Flutter Live ‘18 in London — basically a hackable version of PowerPoint written entirely in Flutter.

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Industry-Leading E-File App for H.A. Berkheimer


The largest local earned income tax collector in Pennsylvania wanted to streamline the tax filing experience and their business operations. As the exclusive app partner, we designed a best-in-class experience, built a multi-platform Flutter app, and deployed state-of-the-art cloud backend infrastructure.

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