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What is Flutter Web?

Flutter Web is transforming web apps.

Now Flutter developers can build Flutter apps that can be deployed on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and the Web — all from a single codebase. It’s a powerful technology that brings mobile development concepts, development practices, and pipelines to web development.

What Flutter Web Can Do

Build interactive web apps the same way you build mobile apps.

Write your app once and deploy it to the web, iOS, Android, and desktop.

Streamlined developer productivity for multiplatform apps.

Flutter on the Web

See how we helped Google and the New York Times pioneer Flutter on the Web.

We are #1 in Flutter

We built the first commercial Flutter, the first Flutter desktop app, and the first Flutter web app, and work exclusively with Flutter.

Flutter "firsts" achieved
We partnered with Google since 2017 to show the world what Flutter can do.
Enormous stages we've been on
GDD Krakow 2017, Flutter Live 2018, Google IO 2019, Flutter Interact 2019
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Tap into the deepest Flutter expertise outside of Google.

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