The first and MOST EXPERIENCED flutter web development TEAM


We built the first public flutter web app.

For Google I/O 2019, we collaborated with Google and the New York Times to build a multi-platform version of the KENKEN word puzzle application. We are one of the first development teams to build something public available on the web using Flutter.

The game-changer here is is that they have the same app with the same codebase running at 60 frames per second on Android, on iOS, on Mac, on Windows, and now on the web.
— Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Google


The Most Experienced Flutter Team.

Very Good Ventures is the World’s foremost Flutter development team. We have been working with Flutter longer than anyone and on the biggest Flutter apps. We built the first commercial app outside of Google in 2017 (the Hamilton app). Since then, we haven’t looked back. In fact, we haven’t built a mobile app without using Flutter ever since.

We are First in Flutter.

We have been fortunate enough to built many of Flutter’s most important “firsts”.


What is Flutter?

Flutter is an emerging cross-platform mobile framework developed by Google. Our team is one of the most experienced Flutter development teams in the world.

The Hamilton app has been the flagship Flutter app since its launch in August 2017, and our Flutter apps have been featured at Google I/O and Google tech conferences around the world. We were also tasked by Google to create a Flutter-based Mac app for the Flutter Live ‘18 keynote.

What is Flutter for Web?

Flutter Web is a new part of the Flutter framework that allows developers to target their Flutter code at web browsers. Now Flutter developers can build Flutter apps that can be deployed on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and the Web — all from a single codebase.

It’s a game-changing technology that brings mobile development concepts, development practices, and pipelines to web development.

Read our post on creating the New York Times KENKEN web prototype using Flutter.





Are you a CTO or executive interested in Flutter for your team? We’ve been there and we know it’s not an easy thing to consider.

What are the pros, cons, and risks? Can we trust it for our business? What does it mean for our native teams? How do we achieve our current level of productivity as soon as possible? What architectures are best for our needs? Will Flutter support all of our functional requirements?

We provide free Flutter consultations to help you do your due diligence on Flutter.


Interested in Flutter for your new app or Web project?


Flutter offers unprecedented developer productivity. We no longer have to ask “Web or mobile first?” or “iOS or Android first?”. The answer is just yes.

Our team is the most experience Flutter development team there is. While Flutter is growing rapidly and is proven at scale in production, there still aren’t many development partners that know how to architect, build, and maintain high-scale Flutter apps. We’ve been doing it for years, and we are the ideal Flutter partner.