Very Good Ventures raised a Series A!

Why we’re excited and what we’re doing next

May 17, 2022
May 17, 2022
updated on
March 9, 2023
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Today we have some very good news: we raised Series A financing from the venture capital firm Celesta Capital!

Why we’re excited ✨

Raising a Series A is a huge opportunity to accelerate our growth as a company in a variety of ways:

🦄 Grow our global team. Yes, we’re hiring

📈 Help more companies find success with Flutter through our Flutter app development and consulting services.

🔧 Invest in tools, products, and open source projects that will benefit not only our internal team and clients, but the broader Flutter community.

📝 Continue sharing our best practices and vision for how multi-platform development can transform technology companies through our blog and other forms of content.

VGV 💙 Flutter

Flutter has been a critical part of our story since the beginning. We turned to Flutter to build an app for Hamilton the musical and quickly became fans of how much the development process improved because of the UI toolkit. 

In the beginning, we had a small team of three employees: David DeRemer, Al Ladizabal, and Kevin Gray, whom we remember fondly. Then came Martin Rybak from the Flutter NYC meetup group, who also believed in the potential of Flutter and helped us expand our Flutter app development services to even more clients. Now we’ve seen our team grow to 45 employees in multiple locations around the world.

As we grew, Flutter grew around us. We’re especially grateful to Tim Sneath and the entire Flutter team for having included us in key moments in Flutter’s growth, such as demoing Flutter on the web with KENKEN for The New York Times and Flutter on desktop with Flutter Slides. 

It’s been a marvel to watch Flutter become a powerful solution for companies looking to build out multi-platform experiences, complete with a friendly community and supportive developer ecosystem. Today, we have the privilege of working with global brands to design, build, and scale successful Flutter apps. Check out our recent work with Google on I/O Pinball and Betterment on transitioning their native apps to Flutter.

Flutter’s bright future 🌟

Flutter has recently been named the most popular cross-platform UI toolkit, according to multiple surveys. Its popularity continues to grow as more companies adopt Flutter, with 56% of users reporting that they use Flutter as part of their main job (up from 47% in 2020 Q4). We’ve seen firsthand how it can dramatically change the way entire engineering teams develop for the better. 

Flutter enables companies to deploy their applications on virtually any platform from the same codebase. This simplifies the engineering process and adds efficiencies that expand beyond the software engineering team. From strategy, product, design, backend, infrastructure, compliance, security, marketing, and so on — all aspects of how an organization manages technology is affected if a company embraces Flutter. It is this impact on adjacent teams and capabilities that drive our long-term vision. 

What’s next for VGV 🦄

This Series A investment will enable us to invest in new initiatives sooner and be better prepared for opportunities ahead. We’ll continue to work with clients and help them find success with Flutter, create and maintain top-notch open source tooling, and grow our global team in a scalable way.

We also want to push VGV to do even more. We are hoping to experiment with games using Flame x Flutter, make Very Good Start more widely available, and explore additional capabilities beyond Flutter. Stay tuned for many more exciting developments!

Check out the press release.

Read more about the investment from Celesta.

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