New VGV leaders: Growing our team and our culture

Today, we are pleased to announce four new leaders at VGV – Erik Manley as Chief Operating Officer, Torrie Power as Head of People Operations, Josh Musick as Head of Design

September 21, 2022
September 21, 2022
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April 19, 2024
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Today, we are pleased to announce four new leaders at VGV – Erik Manley as Chief Operating Officer, Torrie Power as Head of People Operations, Josh Musick as Head of Design, and Greg Wallace as Head of Marketing. These new teammates represent our culture-first approach to growing VGV and our impact. 

Together with our existing team and leaders, VGV is working to bring the transformational capabilities of Flutter to more businesses and influence more aspects of how they do business — and our culture is core to our ability to have an impact.

The VGV culture

As the leading Flutter development consultancy working to empower software excellence for any platform, VGV works with the biggest companies to design, build, and scale successful apps using Flutter. 

Our team is guided by these four core values:

1. Do the best, professional work

We create confidence and eliminate worry. We are the global experts in what we do. We provide authoritative knowledge and solutions. Our work is always professional-grade.

2. Be collaborative partners

We put trust at the center of what we do. We are “one team” and deeply transparent with our clients. We confidently manage the process based on our experience. We tailor our approach to client requirements and preferences. We make setting and managing expectations a top priority.

3. Scale with standards

We create scale through solid, repeatable practices. We grow client capabilities, in addition to creating software. We are principled with our work and avoid shortcuts. We seek out and build solutions to repeating needs. We embrace automation and long-run optimization.

4. Be open, be friendly, be fun

We always treat everyone, inside VGV and out, with respect and positivity. We are always inclusive and open to new ideas. We stay on the edge by exploring and taking calculated risks. We pursue opportunities that make our culture and jobs better. We enjoy our time together (because otherwise what is the point?).

Why these leaders for these roles

The power of Flutter, when implemented in a scalable way, is attracting the attention of developers and technology leaders across sectors and around the world. Even as we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we do take our role in the Flutter ecosystem seriously. We are committed to bringing our recipe for success with Flutter to all the businesses and teams that believe what we believe.

We are helping clients succeed with projects ranging from smart homes, to in-vehicle displays, to global employee engagement apps that may someday replace the intranet, to media and entertainment platforms. Our commitments to customer success and to helping clients scale with standards has resulted in VGV more than doubling year-over-year. 

In addition to growing new opportunities, we are also seeing demand in existing clients for our help with additional aspects of the application design-development-deployment pipeline. All of which is to say, we need more amazing people in the business to help us grow.

Torrie, Josh, Greg, and Erik bring deep experience operating in their respective disciplines. But most importantly, they bring the humility and collaboration to ensure that we preserve what makes us special and successful. As with every single new employee that chooses to join VGV, I am grateful to each of these four new leaders for joining our team and making our collective success part of their life story. 

In their Own Words

Erik Manley, COO

I was immediately attracted to VGV’s commitment to growing rapidly while maintaining its culture and values. VGV’s dedication to quality is not just externally focused, but internally on the employee experience, with an emphasis on collaboration, respect and freedom to experiment, innovate, and be creative. The best work will come from people who love what they’re doing, and I’m excited by (and committed to) the opportunity to take advantage of Flutter’s market potential while reinforcing all of the reasons people work at VGV to begin with.

Josh Musick, Head of Design

I came to VGV because it’s a great group of people that solves real-world problems in a way that, in my experience, a lot of product organizations need. I believe software can genuinely improve the quality of people’s lives in meaningful ways, big and small, and much of the time what companies can deliver is undermined by organizational constraints colliding with suboptimal technologies.

I think the VGV approach offers a way out: it provides rich expressive capability in a comparatively simple codebase, that can scale beautifully across a huge range of touch points an organization might offer its constituents. Design at VGV will be about delivering excellent multi-platform experiences and helping client teams extend and sustain them over time. We will focus not just on the quality of experiences, but on the capabilities organizations need to create, scale and orchestrate them effectively. It’s going to be fun!

Torrie Power, Head of People Ops

From my first interactions with David and other VGV leaders, I felt that the mission and culture were genuine. It was clear that leaders and their respective departments work together as one team. As the company grows and expands, I am excited to be part of this talented organization where I can drive positive change through global partnership with our ever growing number of unicorns.

As Head of People Operations, I have a unique opportunity to lead the team building the foundation of best practices, processes, policies, benefits, and programs that will enable VGV and its culture to scale. For employees, a large part of culture is knowing that their organization will do right by them. The work of building and maintaining a strong cultural foundation is ongoing, and People Operations is at the heart of this strategy.

Greg Wallace, Head of Marketing

Perhaps the most important of VGV’s values to me is collaboration. Not only is this something that makes work enjoyable and productive for me, I also believe it is essential to delivering great outcomes as a business. 

As I settle into the role, I am focused on learning the tech, the business, and the community, adding value in the marketing white spaces, and helping us scale our messages and programs to reach every business that can benefit from VGV’s uniquely powerful approach to building scalable apps and teams.  

A sneak peek at our roadmap

When we announced our Series A from Celesta Capital earlier this year, I wrote:

Flutter enables companies to deploy their applications on virtually any platform from the same codebase. This simplifies the engineering process and adds efficiencies that expand beyond the software engineering team. From strategy, product, design, backend, infrastructure, compliance, security, marketing, and so on — all aspects of how an organization manages technology is affected if a company embraces Flutter. It is this impact on adjacent teams and capabilities that drive our long-term vision. 

A few months on, and we are well on our way to building the capacity to scale both VGV’s and Flutter’s impact.

We imagine a future where organizations can efficiently manage an entire ecosystem of applications with the same tools, skills, and teams. Flutter (and Dart) enable a future where apps are not only multi-platform, but are complementary and build on shared foundations of common code and processes. 

Simplifying the development process means that colleagues in design, strategy, product, operations and other disciplines can more effectively integrate and collaborate with development teams. With the burden of maintaining multiple codebases removed, technical organizations can dramatically accelerate delivery, shrink technical debt, and become radically more responsive to customer feedback.

Torrie, Josh, Greg, and Erik will add their collective expertise to help us realize this roadmap. They are joining an incredible team of talented people that have built VGV into a company capable of global impact.

If this sounds like the kind of place you'd like to work, check out our open positions!


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