Very Good Ventures’ Acquisition of CreateThrive Underscores Flutter Momentum and Enterprise Adoption

Jun 28, 2023

Flutter apps have doubled to more than one million in just the last year - - the Very Good Ventures acquisition will meet this demand with the world’s largest Flutter consultancy team 

NEW YORK, June 28, 2023 – Very Good Ventures (VGV), the leading full-service Flutter consulting firm, today announced it is acquiring CreateThrive. The acquisition will result in the world’s largest Flutter consultancy team with a focus on driving high quality software solutions, designing beautiful and useful products and deepening its positive impact on the Flutter community. CreateThrive is a longtime VGV partner and will support the company’s development values and enhance capabilities to support the growing demand for Flutter deployments across companies worldwide. 

Flutter is skyrocketing in popularity. The number of published Flutter apps has doubled in just the last year, increasing from 500,000 mid-2022 to more than one million today. Flutter is supported across all platforms and one in five of all new mobile apps are built using Flutter. According to Google’s Flutter 2023 Strategy, Flutter is picking up market share from other cross-platform frameworks, which are flat or declining over the last twelve months.

“Very Good Ventures is committed to being the best design and development partner in the world, and we believe Flutter is a transformative technology that creates competitive advantage. That means we will move fast to meet new demands from the increasing number of companies adopting Flutter to build innovative apps for mobile, web, desktop and embedded devices,” said David DeRemer, founder and CEO at Very Good Ventures. “Our acquisition of CreateThrive represents this commitment, with a focus on building the world’s largest and strongest Flutter team with a rigorous commitment to production-grade quality and the deepest full service capabilities to help companies launch and scale their development projects across all platforms.”

CreateThrive is a mobile and web development firm that has emerged as a leader in the Flutter community in Latin America. The company was founded in 2018 by Tomas Piaggio and Joaquin Varela. Due to the founders’ own Flutter experience, the company was able to support early Flutter adopters long before the technology became mainstream. This allowed Piaggio and Varela to build a robust and unique Flutter portfolio while also supporting web projects using ReactJS. CreateThrive was also early to serverless and Firebase adoption for back-end development. 

With the acquisition of CreateThrive, VGV scales its Flutter expertise while expanding its team to include web, backend and QA engineering, as well as new design and delivery systems. VGV is now the world’s largest consultancy team of Flutter experts. With a deep focus on technology delivery, the ability to develop for any platform and its top tier design and product capabilities (led by a team of frog design alums), VGV is an important strategic consulting partner for the world’s biggest brands.

“Becoming part of the Very Good Ventures team is a natural move for us.” said Tomas Piaggio, co-founder and CTO at CreateThrive and Director of Engineering at Very Good Ventures. “We’ve worked with VGV in the Flutter community and as a partner for many years and no one knows this technology better. We are a strong fit in terms of how both companies operate, our skills and most importantly our commitment to positive team culture. Our clients and future clients will benefit from our collaboration as one team.”

The VGV integration of the CreateThrive team will result in increased scale to meet the needs of every customer, expanded capabilities in web development, backend engineering, QA, design, delivery and product, enhanced community leadership and an aligned culture that can advance development philosophies that make for better software. 

For more information and an additional perspective on today’s news, see this blog post from Very Good Ventures founder and CEO, David DeRemer.  

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