Very Good Ventures and CreateThrive are now one team

Here’s why VGV acquired CreateThrive to become the world’s largest Flutter consultancy team

June 28, 2023
June 28, 2023
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April 19, 2024
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Today is an exciting milestone for Very Good Ventures! CreateThrive, a consulting company that focuses on building custom software applications for mobile and web, has officially joined our VGV team of unicorns, bringing together two extraordinary leaders in the Flutter consulting ecosystem. 

Since the first days of VGV, we’ve always worked to create a corporate culture and brand that people would love to work for, driven by values we stood by and evolved as we grew together. As one of the leading companies in the world in Flutter development, and with a world-class client portfolio, VGV has the momentum and capability to impact companies – like Google, Dow Jones, Nav, and V1 Sports – on a large scale. A deep focus on technology delivery, the ability to develop for any platform due to Flutter’s strengths, and top tier design and product capability, means VGV is an important strategic consulting partner for its clients.

CreateThrive has followed a similar trajectory to VGV. Just like us, they were early adopters of Flutter in 2018, and have been building with it ever since. We’ve gotten to know them through the Flutter community and through direct partnership, and they’ve proven their impact through a wide range of client projects.

A Big Moment for Flutter and Expansion of Our Capabilities 

Flutter continues to gain momentum, with over 1 million Flutter apps published to date. According to Google’s Flutter 2023 Strategy document, Flutter is picking up market share from other cross-platform frameworks. And, demand for Flutter continues to accelerate. We’ve been at the forefront of Flutter’s success by working with companies to adopt the new technology and create powerful digital experiences for any screen.

This acquisition means we’ll have the scale and capabilities to move faster than before to meet new demands of companies adopting Flutter to build innovative apps for mobile, web, desktop and embedded devices. Working with VGV means clients will be getting access to the world’s largest and most experienced Flutter consulting team.

Announcing the news to the CreateThrive team.

Adding CreateThrive to VGV represents this commitment, with a focus on building the world’s largest and strongest Flutter team with a rigorous commitment to production-grade quality and the deepest full service capabilities to help companies launch and scale their development projects across all platforms.

We’re combining two teams of exceptional Flutter talent with compatible cultures focused on doing the best work. Having partnered together in the past on various client projects and collaborating in the Flutter community, the idea of an acquisition came naturally. With many shared cultural values and a ubiquitous sense of optimism, the integration of our two teams is a natural fit.

Tomas Piaggio and David DeRemer

Together, VGV and CT will have the largest Flutter team in the world as well as the ability to meaningfully scale as a team. 

In addition to Flutter, CreateThrive brings an expansion of capabilities to help our clients, including web, backend, and QA engineering expertise as well design and delivery teams to the VGV ecosystem. These new capabilities will help us to better serve a wide variety of our clients needs beyond our core Flutter work. As trusted strategic partners, we’re now capable of designing, development, and managing complex applications for any client situation.

While we are excited about this announcement for what it means for our two teams, we also are excited for the momentum this signals for the broader Flutter community. Flutter has truly emerged as the best solution for multi-platform development, and a thriving community and business ecosystem has sprung up around it. We intend to use the combined passion of our team to help Flutter continue to grow long into the future.

What’s next with this one global team

One thing that has always made VGV stand out is the culture of our team. Our people have always been enthusiastic, passionate, supportive, and engaged with the Flutter community. The spirit of the CreateThrive team is closely matched to VGVs, so we anticipate continuing to proliferate our positive culture. We’re building a special place, open and welcoming for all to do the best work of their careers.

One of our values at VGV is: We are one team, both internally and with our clients. With this acquisition, we’re perhaps most excited about the fact that Very Good Ventures and CreateThrive will now be one team. The truth is, CreateThrive has been a longtime partner of VGV. This acquisition means we’ll keep working together, but now able to tackle bigger and more important challenges for clients and for the community.

In our recent case study, Zain Khan, Head of Product at Nav notes “There was a genuine trust between our team and the VGV team. I speak for everybody; we did not think there was a VGV and a NAV team. There was one team.” 

We are eager to bring the power of our expanded team to all of our client work.

The CreateThrive team.

See our press release to read more about Very Good Ventures acquiring CreateThrive.


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