Very Good Ventures at FlutterConf Latam 2023

From Berlin to Medellín: Our Flutter journey continues at FlutterConf Latam 2023. Seven of our teammates will be giving talks, including one keynote.

September 25, 2023
September 25, 2023
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April 19, 2024
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The highly anticipated FlutterConf Latam is set to be held in the beautiful city of Medellín, Colombia, from October 25th to 26th, 2023. This event is poised to be a highlight for Flutter enthusiasts globally, with a particular focus on the Flutter community in Latin America. Flutter developers and technology experts will have the opportunity to come together, gain inspiration from industry leaders, enhance their knowledge of best practices, and engage in valuable networking opportunities. As Platinum sponsors, we are thrilled to be a part of it!  

Our excitement for this event is magnified by our recent merger with CreateThrive. This merger has not only elevated us to the status of being one of the world's largest Flutter consultancy, but has also brought us closer to the heart of the Latam dev community.

As Platinum Sponsors of FlutterConf Latam, we will have a booth at the event with live demos. Throughout the conference, you'll find a bunch of unicorns at our booth- we are always eager to meet with developers and engineers to discuss the latest developments in the Flutter world. We're excited to share our recent projects, exchange thoughts on the various keynote speeches, workshops, and tech sessions delivered by experts, and hear your impressions. Please swing by to meet the VGV team, and grab some unicorn swag! 

Our team is hard at work preparing their talks full of useful information and insights to bring up to the FlutterConf stage. We will have seven unicorns presenting on stage!

Last August, we had the privilege of participating in Fluttercon in Berlin, where six of our unicorns shared their expertise on various subjects, spanning from shaders to testing to engineering culture. Now, we eagerly anticipate new and exciting keynotes, sessions, and workshops, all led by the following team members:

Unicorns take the FlutterConf stage! 

Jorge Coca: Always be growing! Scaling engineering culture with a smile on your face! He will be exploring observability, monitoring, testing, dependency injection, state management, debugging, vertical and horizontal scalability. While the engineering landscape can be daunting with its myriad buzzwords, Jorge's keynote will focus on the true heart of it all – the people!

Óscar Martín: On the way to 100% code coverage. Óscar will delve into the importance of writing functional, robust, and scalable code. Developers and companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of maintaining a codebase that is thoroughly tested to achieve these objectives. Code coverage serves as one of the available metrics to measure which parts of the code have been executed during tests. During this talk, there will also be an introduction to different types of tests, including Unit tests (for clients, repositories, blocs) and UI Testing (Widget tests). If you are interested in understanding the importance of tests and code coverage, as well as how to determine if you are using the right architecture for testing, don't miss this session  This talk will be held in Spanish. 

Bettina Carrizo: Widgets made easy: build your own UI library on Flutter. In this presentation, Bettina will explore the advantages and drawbacks of creating a UI package for your Flutter app. She'll illustrate its potential with a real-world case study, showcasing its remarkable capabilities. You'll gain insights into an alternative approach to UI componentization and abstraction that's user-friendly, exceptionally reusable, and a breeze to test. This approach will enhance collaboration between developers and designers, enabling more efficient teamwork.

Renan Araujo: Flame Games + Shaders=mind blown. Game development is the best way to put the power of fragment shaders into play. In this session, Renan will delve into various techniques, including bias and masking, to craft some of the most visually stunning 2D games you can imagine.

Erick Zanardo: Flame workshop: Space Shooter. Join Erick for an exciting session where he will help you create a space shooter game using Flutter and the Flame engine. He will cover a wide range of topics, including sprites, animations, gesture and input handling, collision detection, special effects, mastering the game loop, assembling components, creating immersive parallax backgrounds, and much more! 

By the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with a fully playable game that you can continue to enhance and personalize on your own. Don't worry if you haven't worked with Flame or Flutter before – no previous experience is required, although some familiarity with Dart can certainly help!

Matias Leyba & Juan Manuel Silveira: The “How to be a Gladiator in the Gesture Arena” workshop offers an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences relating to Flutter’s gestures. In this workshop, Matías will explain how gestures work in Flutter, what the Gesture Arena is, and how they compete to declare a single winner. The presentation will also delve into the primary elements of the Gesture Arena, such as GestureRecognizers, RawGestureDetector, and more, to demonstrate how they function.

With these concepts in mind, they will share experiences in which their team had to manage conflicts in an app where various gestures coexist simultaneously. 

Finally, Matías will conduct a code review while implementing an example, culminating in an exercise showcase for attendees. This workshop will be conducted in Spanish.

Check the full event agenda here!

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