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December 2, 2019
December 2, 2019
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December 10, 2021
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11 Days of Flutter - Day 2

What an incredible ride Flutter has been. Since our team first started working with it in early 2017, Flutter grew into a game-changing phenomenon in the app development industry.

One of the most exciting things about Flutter is it continues to delight and surprise. Not only does the platform’s landscape continue to mature and become more stable and feature-rich, but Flutter is consistently adding new ways for developers to make a difference.

At Very Good Ventures, our team is very fortunate that, in collaboration with incredible people at Google and Hamilton: The Musical, we were given the opportunity to create some of Flutter’s firsts. While part of our previous company Posse, we created the Hamilton app, which helped kickstart interest in Flutter. Then, working with Google on the Flutter Slides for Flutter Live, we helped first introduce the Flutter community to Flutter desktop embedding. And with the New York Times KENKEN Flutter prototype, which first showed an impassioned Google IO 2019 crowd, we helped prove that Flutter could run on the Web.

We are so proud, honored, and humbled to be a part of the story.

We think Flutter is just getting started.

All of these firsts have helped excite and inspire the developer community to embrace Flutter. Now, the tech community as a whole is starting to understand what Flutter can do for their teams and their companies.

There are a lot more Flutter firsts to come. Not only in terms of the Flutter engine itself, new packages, or new apps. We think you, the Flutter community, will dream up surprising new ways to use Flutter.

We can’t wait to see what Flutter firsts come next!

To celebrate Flutter Interact, we’ve compiled a list of “Flutter Firsts” that we and other developers have be able to experience so far.

Did we miss some? Please let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

Being part of the Flutter community has led us through an inspiring journey filled with interaction, innovation, and collaboration — and we can’t wait to see what Flutter firsts are yet to come.


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