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Ebook: Migrate from Native to Flutter

Shifting to Flutter doesn't have to be daunting

There are a few signs that indicate a change is needed in your team’s app development approach. Are features taking longer and longer to deploy? Are your applications getting out-of-sync across platforms? This ebook shares battle-tested best practices to successfully shift your apps and teams from native to Flutter.

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How Flutter can scale your business

When is the right time to switch to Flutter?

Some signs it might be time to switch: If app features are taking longer to deploy or apps are getting out of sync across platforms. Embracing a mobile-first approach to app development or toward modernizing your stack are also prime times to migrate to Flutter.

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Benefits of team transformation

As engineering teams and practices are consolidated and optimized around consistent best practices, the way that other teams operate can be radically redefined and optimized as well.

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Get started the right way

Our experience working with dozens of enterprises has allowed us to build Flutter migration paths that are both low risk and high impact.

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Deciding to make the move to Flutter puts your goals in sight: one development team, one app, and features rolling out so quickly that the sales team can’t even keep up!
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