Whitepaper: Building Enterprise Apps with Flutter

Across industries and around the world, organizations have realized that their ability to connect with audiences is directly tied to the success of their mobile applications. To reach the widest segment of users while keeping development costs low and not overtaxing your teams, organizations are embracing Flutter as their platform of choice.  

Whitepaper: Building Enterprise Apps with Flutter


Building Enterprise Apps with Flutter

Break free from screen silos

Efficiencies through smart resource use

One development team instead of multiple unlocks productivity. Rather than putting in twice (or more) the work to create parallel codebases, companies are concentrating their resources on unified, efficient, and effective development teams.

Thriving ecosystem of 25,000+ packages

The Flutter ecosystem now hosts a thriving network of users. One of those 25,000 packages may save your team considerable manual work. And leading enterprises across industries trust VGV and Flutter.

Build scalable enterprise apps

The Very Good Ventures method of building apps helps you scale both code and teams. By focusing on architecture, testing, configuration, automation, and the use of the rich Flutter ecosystem, our best practices unlock positive outcomes for development teams.