The Business Benefits of Flutter

Sam Moore
Sam Moore
VP, Architecture
David DeRemer
David DeRemer
CEO & Founder
Very Good Ventures

How to Maximize Your Business’s Potential with Flutter

Are you facing challenges in developing cost-effective, high-performance mobile apps that reach wider audiences across platforms? Or, not sure how this change will impact your company?

VGV CEO, David DeRemer talks with Sam Moore, VP of Architecture of Betterment, a financial advisory company, to discuss how Flutter has impacted their organization and the decisions Betterment made to achieve success.

"It was 33%+ faster than we thought we could deliver things"
Dive into the backstory and the impact Flutter has had

Sam shares how Betterment started its journey into improving its mobile app development and how Flutter was as much a business decision as it was a technology one.

Gain insights into Flutter adoption

Learn how Flutter's single codebase approach reduced development time and costs, while delivering native-looking apps for iOS and Android. Sam and David discuss key challenges and solutions in mobile app development and how Flutter has addressed them.

Hear real world, long-term business success

Sam shares concrete examples and unexpected benefits of how Flutter has delivered tangible business value for their teams and efficiencies -- opening up room for new improvements and possibilities.

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