Full Stack Efficiencies

Kieran Lee
Kieran Lee
Dillon Nys
Dillon Nys
Founder & CEO
Tom Arra
Tom Arra
Director, Product Development
Very Good Ventures
Andrei Lesnitsky
Andrei Lesnitsky
Open Source Software Engineer

Unlock Capabilities with a Unified Technology Stack!

Join our LIVE roundtable discussion on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 12 PM EDT/9 AM PDT where we'll dive deep into the world of full-stack efficiencies with a unified technology stack!

In this webinar, you'll gain:
  • Expert insights from industry leaders who've seen firsthand the transformative power of a unified stack.
  • Discover the business & technical benefits of building with a single language.
  • ✨ The power of Dart & Flutter: Learn when to make the switch for ultimate developer & product efficiency.
  • ✅ Real-world success stories: Hear from CTOs, Founders & Engineers as they share their journeys.

Don't miss this opportunity to:
  • Uncover the secrets to building high-performing applications.
  • Boost your development team's agility and productivity.
  • Learn how to leverage a unified stack for long-term success.

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