Top Android Expert Joins VGV: Toffer Jakobsen

Introducing Toffer Jakobsen, our Principal Android Engineer

January 18, 2024
January 18, 2024
updated on
May 10, 2024
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At Very Good Ventures, we’ve built our success around being an early adopter of Flutter. But, perhaps even more important than our Flutter expertise has been how we deliver software and the impact we have on development teams.

Our commitment to high development standards and consistent quality-centric practices has been a hallmark of our team. Our offering is based on deep and differentiated expertise and experience.

When we move into new areas at VGV, we do so with intentionality, and it is essential that we quickly ramp up world-class digital outcomes.

With that in mind, we are very excited to announce that Christoffer “Toffer” Jakobsen has joined the VGV team as a Principal Engineer focused on Native Android development. Toffer joins VGV after more than 13 years at the renowned agency, ustwo, where through working with some of the world’s top brands he built different Android experiences, specifically with wearables and Wear OS, making him a formidable Android engineer.

Toffer joins VGV at a time when we are expanding our service offering, built on our core Flutter expertise, to bring the “VGV Way” to as many aspects of our clients’ technology ecosystem as we can. We’ve been adding Native App Development to our toolbox alongside web, back-end, QA, and of course multiplatform development with Flutter. Now with Toffer joining VGV, our Android capability will be drastically accelerated as we will build around a leading expert in the field.

Beyond Flutter: Why VGV is venturing into Native app development

As we expand our offerings, including Native app development, we believe there are two primary reasonable ways to develop apps in 2024: (1) using pure Native technologies, or (2) multiplatform technologies.

It’s no secret that we love Flutter. There are many advantages to multiplatform development, and in those cases we firmly believe that Flutter is the right choice — no other framework or solution provides the same benefits or versatility. Simply put, Flutter is our only recommendation when multiplatform is the choice.

We also understand that in some cases, Native can be the right choice — especially if a team can effectively manage the additional cost and complexity. Additionally, while Flutter has been growing rapidly, the vast majority of apps have been built with Native technologies. As we have built trust among our clients with our Flutter work, we have been routinely asked if we can engage with other products, teams, and technologies — including native.

Engineering and product development transcends any one product or platform, and indeed our multiplatform Flutter expertise means we have touched far more than mobile apps. The real secret sauce is how we use the tool, not the tool itself.

As we move into new areas and grow our team with world-class talent, VGV is bringing our successful and proven engineering and product development approaches to more arenas. It all sums to more impact and better results for our team and our clients.

Welcome to the team, Toffer!


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