Highlights from FlutterConf Latam 2023

Key takeaways from the first Flutter Conference in Latin America!

November 2, 2023
November 2, 2023
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November 2, 2023
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The VGV team at our booth

Last week we had the opportunity to attend FlutterConf 2023 in Medellín, Colombia. This two-day conference was packed with entertaining talks, insightful conversations, and of course, quality networking time with fellow developers. We were a platinum sponsor, and were lucky to be able to send seven speakers. Here are our takeaways from the conference.

The Flutter community shines bright!

At FlutterConf Latam, we connected with developers, designers, and passionate Flutter enthusiasts from around the world. We participated in informative keynotes, attended enlightening sessions, and engaged in discussions that pave the way for a future of innovation and collaboration within the Flutter community. 

This time our team got the opportunity to meet and connect with new people: Flutter devs and enthusiasts from different parts of Latin America, such as Perú, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Bolivia, among others.

Spanish was our primary language since most of our team came from native Spanish-speaking countries like Uruguay, Argentina and Spain. This fostered a positive networking environment, and exciting, spontaneous talks with the attendees.

We might be a bit biased, but the atmosphere at FlutterConf Latam was undeniably electrifying. The Flutter community shines as an exceptional and dynamic developer community on the global stage. FlutterConf Latam only reinforces this fact: The enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by the Flutter community are unmatched. The community's inclusiveness and supportiveness are genuinely remarkable, as developers from diverse backgrounds unite to celebrate their shared passion for Flutter and app development. The collective wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Flutter community benefits both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. From the lively online forums and repositories to the numerous open-source projects, the Flutter community consistently serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for developers worldwide.

As a platinum sponsor, our booth was full of experiences and entertainment. This time we encouraged everyone to try their best on Pinball I/O, a game we developed using Flutter and Firebase along with Google for the Google I/O 2022 event. We had tablets available to play during the conference and very good trophies for the top three highest scorers of the day.

Some of our I/O Pinball champs!
The Very Good Ventures I/O Pinball Trophy

Special, limited edition VGV swag was also available to take home: T-shirts with personalized messages (Very Good @ ____ ) and all kinds of stickers. We know now that our unicorn logo will be all over many places in Latam!

Very Good @___ shirts were a hit!
Some of our limited edition swag!

Our development team offered valuable code assessments, shared insights, and engaged in discussions about the Flutter ecosystem. We appreciate everyone who visited our booth, exchanged experiences, and shared their thoughts with us. These interactions were a truly enriching and invaluable experience that we carry with us as the most important takeaway from the event.

Unicorns showcase the magic of Flutter 

We had unicorns all over FlutterConf! Seven of them presented on different topics at the conference across a wide variety of Flutter topics — from testing to the culture of Flutter. We hope these presentations will motivate developers to explore the frontiers of Flutter development, crafting extraordinary user experiences for a global audience.

Jorge Coca, our Head of Engineering, delivered the opening keynote on day one of the conference, discussing the engineering landscape. While the engineering field can often seem overwhelming with its abundance of buzzwords, Jorge's keynote primarily centered on the true heart of it all – the people! 

Jorge Coca

Óscar Martín explored the importance of writing a functional, robust and scalable code.  

Óscar Martín

Bettina Carrizo exhibited the advantages and drawbacks of creating a UI package for your Flutter app.

Bettina Carrizo

Renan Araujo spoke about the transformative potential of Fragment shaders in UI design. 

Renan Araujo

Erick Zanardo exhibited the power of the Flame engine for game development by creating an exciting space shooter game using Flutter and Flame.

Erick Zanardo

Matias Leyba & Juan Manuel Silveira explained how gestures work in Flutter, what the Gesture Arena is, and how they compete to declare a single winner. 

Matias Leyba & Juan Manuel Silveira

We even had a couple of VGV unicorns on the GDE panel talk. 

Google Developer Experts (GDE) Panel

Impressions from the team

We're truly amazed by the incredible energy within the community. Witnessing firsthand the depth of inspiration we evoke within the community is truly remarkable. We were amazed by everyone who approached us to show their interest in working at VGV. We are glad we connected with all and hopefully, in the near future, we can keep broadening our workforce.

While there were numerous impactful conversations, we’d like to highlight two in particular:

A tech lead from a company in Colombia expressed, "Ever since I became acquainted with your work, you've transformed my life. I'm profoundly grateful to you for making my work life more manageable and productive."

Another tech lead shared, "You've compelled me to reevaluate all the constraints my company had imposed on us. Since I've come to know you, there are no longer any excuses for not delivering on time and maintaining high standards."

We love hearing great feedback like this from the community. In this era of social media, it's easy to underestimate the extent of our influence. A simple blog post or tweet can have a profound impact on people. Even if they're not direct clients, they contribute to the broader Flutter ecosystem. This is invaluable for the future of Flutter as a whole.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the Flutter community, and to everyone who participated in this conference, as well as the event organizers for putting together such a great conference! 

The Future of Flutter

With the ongoing growth and flourishing of the Flutter community, we eagerly await the upcoming surge of revolutionary applications, captivating user experiences, and transformative advancements that will define the future of Flutter.

Participating in FlutterConf Latam was truly invigorating! We eagerly anticipate forthcoming collaborations, thrilling projects, and the ongoing exchange of ideas within this lively community. Together, we embark on a journey driven by enthusiasm, creativity, and a unified vision to create exceptional mobile and web applications through Flutter. The most exciting times lie ahead, and the Flutter community is ready to lead innovation, spark inspiration, and mold the future of multi-platform app development.

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