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Learn how to generate Flutter theme code from color and type styles in Figma files.

September 13, 2023
September 13, 2023
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April 19, 2024
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You can now effortlessly translate Figma color and type styles into Dart code, eliminating the onerous and manual process of design to developer style handoff. Say goodbye to countless copy-and-paste actions and hello to a streamlined workflow that saves time, ensures accuracy, and guarantees consistency. Explore how this incredibly useful plugin, developed by our talented design team, in close collaboration with developers, empowers product teams to quickly and easily generate theme files and stay aligned around the project’s styles.

Why is this important?

Handing off styles between design and dev can be tedious, costly, and prone to errors. Material-based Flutter themes contain anywhere from dozens to hundreds of color values, along with 15 text styles each with around a half dozen properties.

Screenshot of the generated color styles in VS Code

Previously all of these styles were manually copied from Figma, translated, formatted, and reassembled into our codebases. That’s hundreds of copy & pastes for every app.

We wanted a more automated way to handoff these values to save time and ensure accuracy.

What we did

Working closely with developers, the VGV design team coded this plugin to take existing Figma styles and export them as Dart code, aiming to make handoff as simple and error-proof as possible.

Screenshot of the Very Good Flutter Styles Plugin in Figma

The Very Good Flutter Styles plugin lets teams easily generate theme files throughout the project’s lifecycle. Now developers can compare versions of the exports to see which values have changed.

As an added benefit, the plugin also ensures our teams are speaking the same language when it comes to style names. 

Very Good Flutter Styles delivers enhancements we felt were missing from analogous options from the Figma community. For color, the plugin supports styles with 2 fill colors, which is typically the method for how Material surface levels are set up, and it will actually calculate the flattened value of those styles. The plugin also supports linear and radial gradients, and will export the values for each step. For text, the plugin will only show properties which are used. We also format the style names to lowerCamelCase, stripping out characters which are often used for organization which would break the names in code.

But wait, there’s more

Dev Mode is one of the latest big feature enhancements in Figma. One of the best additions is that it allows developers to run plugins while they are inspecting designs. We included the necessary settings to ensure that the plugin works in Dev Mode as well, allowing non-editors users to easily export a documents’ styles for Flutter!

Screenshot of the Very Good Flutter Styles Plugin in Dev Mode

Enjoy that extra time!

We are releasing these plugins to the Figma community to help other Flutter teams spend less time on handoff and more time on the exciting and fun challenges of product delivery.

Using Very Good Flutter Styles is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Run the Very Good Flutter Styles plugin in Figma

2. Click the Color Styles or Text Styles button to copy Flutter code to your clipboard

3. Paste into your code editor

Use cases

Whether you are starting from scratch or translating an existing app to Flutter, you can leverage Very Good Flutter Styles along the way.

Say you have an existing design with defined text and color styles, you can run the plugin immediately and paste that code into your new codebase. Because the names in Figma are translated to code, the plugin ensures designers and developers are using the same language to describe styles in your app.

Screenshot of the generated text styles in VS Code

As the design matures, you may notice style values changing, new styles being added, or being removed. Instead of searching for those changes, you can run the plugin throughout the project lifecycle, and compare versions of the export using your code tools to easily identify what has changed.

Screenshot of a code diff in Github

If you are leveraging a Material-based UI Kit, you can export them as soon as the styles have your new values. In fact this plugin was built to export the hundreds of values which are baked into the Material 3 Design Kit.

Try the Figma Plugin here >

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