Top companies using Flutter in 2023 [updated]

A list of companies doing noteworthy work with Flutter

April 19, 2023
April 19, 2023
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April 15, 2024
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Flutter had a big year in 2022, and we are optimistic about the promising trajectory of Flutter in 2023. Earlier this year at Flutter Forward, exciting updates were revealed, including the announcements of Flutter 3.7, and the Dart 3 alpha preview, among other previews of what’s on the horizon for this year. The release of the Flutter 2023 Strategy document gives us confidence in Flutter’s future. It states:

“As of January 2023, there are over 700,000 apps in the Play Store that are built with Flutter, and one in five new apps on the Play Store use Flutter, more than all other cross-platform frameworks put together. Flutter is picking up market share from other cross-platform frameworks, which are flat or declining over the last twelve months.” 

As Flutter continues to grow, we expect even more companies to embrace the transformative power of Flutter for digital experiences — especially as they explore reaching customers on new platforms, not just mobile.

It is with this growth in mind that we update our list of companies using Flutter as we move into Q2 of 2023.  

💡 Note: This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, rather a curated list of companies that we think are doing impressive work in the Flutter ecosystem.

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2023 apps & tools 

✨ denotes new addition to the list

AWS Amplify logo

AWS Amplify ✨

Amazon appeared on our first list in 2021 when AWS Amplify announced General Availability for Amplify Flutter. Since then, the Amplify team has been focused on simplifying the integration of AWS services into Flutter applications across multiple platforms. One impressive achievement has been the release of v1.0.0 of Amplify Flutter. This release is exciting because now all of the Amplify Flutter libraries have been fully rewritten in Dart. AWS Amplify continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing Flutter developers with powerful tools for building multi-platform apps. 

Rive logo

Rive ✨

Rive is transforming the way developers incorporate beautiful, performant animations into Flutter apps (and other runtimes). Rive files optimize performance and are smaller than other formats, such as GIFs or videos, and give you granular control over the code, allowing you to edit them to your specifications. Rive’s web and desktop editors are also built with Flutter, which enables creators to create and customize their Rive animations in a performant app. There are lots of cool examples of Rive in production, including the Flutter Forward Holobooth, which uses animated avatars and backgrounds created with Rive

Serverpod logo

Serverpod ✨

Serverpod is a scalable app server built with Dart. It is a full backend solution with support for ORM, caching, file uploads, authentication, data streaming, deployment with Docker containers, and more. As the Flutter ecosystem grows, we anticipate that we’ll see more tools to help Flutter developers expand into backend development with Dart as a shared language, like our own lightweight tool Dart Frog.

Shorebird logo

Shorebird ✨

Eric Seidel, Flutter co-founder, has moved onto his next adventure at Shorebird. The company is focused on building solutions to help businesses be successful with Flutter. They are currently working on a code push solution to allow teams to push over-the-air updates to apps. Code push would be a huge game-changer for companies, allowing them to get app updates and fixes to users quickly (in fact, code push is one of the top-upvoted issues on the Flutter repo, and is not currently a focus for the Flutter team). Shorebird recently sent out API keys to a small pool of trusted testers, and we’re excited to follow their momentum as they elevate the Flutter ecosystem. 

SNCF Connect logo

SNCF Connect ✨

SNCF Connect is the official app for SNCF railways in France, and it is built with Flutter! Millions of people use it to book tickets and view travel information. The mobile team has been open about how they went from four separate mobile teams per platform to one unified team working in the same codebase. They have also shared how they have improved the developer experience for their team by optimizing their testing pipeline with Very Good CLI.

Wolt logo

Wolt ✨

Wolt helps millions of users in 23 countries place orders and receive deliveries from restaurants, grocery stores, and other shops. They have two apps: one for merchants and one for retail and restaurant partners, the latter of which was built with Flutter. In this tech talk, Engineering Team Lead discusses how they selected Flutter over building their app natively or with React Native — in just seven weeks, they were able to build the first version of their app.

2022 list

Apps built with Flutter

AppFlowy logo


AppFlowy is a productivity app for users to take notes, track projects, and everything in between. Users can build on top of the existing code to create a completely customized experience and control how the data is managed. Built using Flutter and Rust, the code is entirely open source.

ClickUp logo


ClickUp is a powerful productivity tool that can be used to plan and manage projects with a bunch of integrations and automations that make your workflow easier. Simon Leier, a Software Engineer at ClickUp, recently wrote an article that provides a closer look at how the company manages CI/CD for their Flutter app.

Credit Agricole Bank Polska logo

Credit Agricole Bank Polska 

Credit Agricole Bank Polska teamed up with LeanCode to build a banking application for mobile devices. Built by a team of over 200 members (30 of which were Flutter developers), the CA24 app allows users to manage their bank activity, savings accounts, and any loans they have received. It contains a variety of features, including biometric authentication. This is a great example of Flutter being used in the financial services industry. Learn more about how the team built the app.

Rows logo


The Flutter Windows Update held in February highlighted a lot of impressive desktop apps built with Flutter. One that caught our eye was Rows, a desktop app that allows users to create powerful and visually appealing spreadsheets. The app is extremely performant and is a great example of Flutter on the desktop. Watch developer Renan Araújo talk about Rows here.

Sonos logo


Sonos used Flutter in an app that allows users to control Sonos devices within their homes. The app contains a sleek design and makes use of Flutter’s animations and transitions for a delightful experience. Notably, Sonos is another example of a company integrating Flutter into an existing app according to a post from over a year ago, demonstrating once again that you don’t have to start building from scratch with Flutter.

Tide logo


Tide is a UK-based fintech company that provides banking services for small and medium businesses. Their Flutter mobile app allows users to manage money, expenses, and pay invoices, among other features. Take a look at their blog for many insights into some of their Flutter work, including this in-depth series of articles by Anna Leushchenko on networking in Dart and Flutter.

Tools & SDKs for Flutter

Invertase logo


Invertase focuses on building tools that enable developer efficiency. Known for their work on the FlutterFire plugins to connect Flutter apps with Firebase services, other tools like Melos and Zapp!, the new in-browser Flutter sandbox, are also popular among developers. We are also impressed with their Flutter & Dart Internship Program to help students and recent graduates hone their Flutter development skills. 

Square logo


Square maintains two first-party Flutter SDKs that make it easy to connect your app to Square’s payment services. The Flutter plugin for the Reader SDK bridges your app with the point of sale device to enable payments. The Flutter plugin for the In-App Payments SDK allows the facilitation of payments within a mobile app experience. We appreciate that Square provides in-depth documentation and example apps to help developers get started with their popular payment tools.

Tizen logo


Tizen has created multiple open source packages focused on bringing Flutter to devices powered by Tizen, including smart watches, TVs, and other IoT devices. It's cool to see companies embracing the portable power of the Flutter framework, and we hope to see Flutter on more screens in the future.‍

Twilio logo


Twilio provides communication tools that help businesses connect with their customers through text message, voice, and video. Developers can access Twilio’s services with a couple of third party packages, such as twilio_programmable_video and twilio_programmable_chat (note: both of these are maintained by a member of our open source team). Check out this tutorial that shows how to use flutter_bloc and twilio_programmable_video to create a chat room app. 

Widgetbook logo


Widgetbook is a custom widget library specifically created for Flutter applications. Developers can manage all of their widgets in one place and see how they will appear on different devices. This is a great tool for teams, especially when it comes to sharing designs among developers, designers, project managers, and more. Check out the open source code here.

2021 list

Apps built with Flutter

Betterment logo


Development teams don’t have to start from scratch with Flutter. One strategy is to pilot Flutter with an existing native app and gradually transition features over into Flutter using the add-to-app capability — which is exactly what Betterment set out to do.

The Betterment mobile app is a crucial tool for business success, as it allows customers to invest and access financial advice at their fingertips. Our team helped Betterment transition their app to Flutter and train their engineering team on the new mobile framework. Read this article about how Flutter transformed Betterment's engineering team from Principal Engineer Sam Moore.

eBay Motors logo

eBay Motors

eBay Motors raced onto the scene with Flutter when faced with the challenge of providing a consistent car buying experience for both iOS and Android. A few months ago, they wrote an in-depth article about their experience building their mobile app with Flutter that contains many great insights about building a Flutter app from scratch. 

One of the most powerful quotes from their blog: "Our first beta was in our CEO’s hands within three months of receiving our first product requirements, and a few months later we released our app to the public." Flutter can dramatically accelerate the development process and make teams happier overall. We can’t wait to see where the eBay Motors app goes next!

InvoiceNinja logo

Invoice Ninja

Over 180,000+ businesses are using Invoice Ninja for easy invoice, billing, and expense tracking. The app also makes use of Flutter’s multi-platform prowess with mobile, web, and even desktop versions of the app (word in the Twittersphere is that it may be one of the first Flutter apps listed on the Windows app store). Invoice Ninja is also notable because all of the code is open source.

Nubank logo


In 2019 Nubank wrote a comprehensive overview of their decision to switch their mobile app to Flutter, providing detailed criteria for making their decision and a roadmap for scaling with Flutter. Bitrise caught up with the team one year later with some lessons learned. Unsurprisingly the engineering team still loves Flutter and notably “It has become 100% part of our culture when we talk about mobile development.” It’s becoming clear that Flutter does more than improve teams’ codebases, but it completely transforms the way teams work for the better!

Philips Hue logo

Philips Hue

Philips Hue has released two apps built with Flutter: Hue Bluetooth and Hue Sync. Users can use the apps to control their Philips Hue devices, including selecting the color of Hue smart lights with a tap on the screen. The beautiful UI is notable, particularly the screen with a color wheel that allows you to get granular with your color choices.

QuintoAndar logo


QuintoAndar has been making strides with Flutter in the Brazil real estate market. Their app is key to helping users through all stages of real estate rentals and sales. The mobile team even wrote an article documenting their experience, which serves as yet another example of a team that tested both React Native and Flutter for their mobile application — and ultimately opted for Flutter. logo is a great example of a large company that turned to Flutter to help scale their mobile development. A crucial insight from their article detailing their experience working with Flutter is that it greatly increased the productivity of their engineers.

In addition, they solved a persistent problem in the app development world: what do you do when both your iOS and Android teams are out of sync? Instead of having development teams building separately for different platforms, the development team developed “new cross-platform mobile squads organized by domain of responsibility instead of by technology.” This shows that Flutter doesn’t just transform your app, it can completely revitalize your team dynamic and culture!

Superlist logo


The makers of Wunderlist are at it again with Superlist — a productivity app for teams and individuals to collaborate and complete projects on time. The Superlist team showcased their Mac app at Google I/O this year and revealed that they're working on supporting Windows, Android, and iOS as well. The company is also working on an open source Rich Text Editor for Flutter, which sounds like a useful package that would benefit many apps built with Flutter!

Tonal logo


Tonal provides a smart gym experience in your home. Their companion app is a great example of Flutter in production, especially when it comes to the sleek design and eye-catching animations. We also appreciate seeing updates about the app development process from Max Lapides, manager of mobile software engineering at Tonal.

Toyota logo


Toyota is leading the charge for embedded Flutter by building next-gen infotainment systems for their vehicles. In the Flutter Engage keynote, Daniel Hall, Chief Engineer at Toyota, outlined four main reasons why Toyota will be using Flutter:

  • High performance in a constrained environment. 
  • Flutter will allow Toyota to build an in-vehicle user experience that lives up to user’s experiences and expectations — including smooth touch mechanics.
  • Flutter’s developer ergonomics allows for developers to make use of all the multi-platform tools. 
  • Better customer experience as a result of faster iteration cycles. 

We are excited by the work that Toyota is doing; it’s amazing to see Flutter expand to screens beyond mobile! 

Very Good Ventures logo

Very Good Ventures

We couldn’t make a list of companies doing noteworthy work with Flutter without including ourselves! In all seriousness, we’ve been working with Flutter from the beginning. We partner with the biggest companies to design, build, and scale successful apps using Flutter.

In 2023, we're focused on empowering software excellence for any platform. We'll continue to share our knowledge with the Flutter Community and develop popular open source tools, such as Dart Frog and Very Good CLI. Keep up to date with the latest in VGV news on our blog.

Tools & SDKs for Flutter

Atsign logo


Atsign, formerly The @ Company, is on a mission to empower users to reclaim their data privacy on the internet. They have developed a persona validating protocol in Dart and built out Flutter APIs and SDKs for easy integration into Flutter apps. Their comprehensive docs can help you get started on integrating with your Flutter app.

Amazon logo


In 2021, Amazon made Amplify Flutter widely available to help developers use AWS services with their Flutter apps. This is big news since AWS is the leading cloud services provider in the world. Being able to easily integrate with Amazon AWS services may be a significant selling point for companies considering Flutter. 

Here logo

HERE technologies

HERE Technologies provides mapping, navigation, and location services. They have developed a Flutter SDK that allows developers to integrate maps into their Flutter applications. Easily tap into features such as 2D/3D zoom, satellite or street view, and interactive gestures including pinch to zoom, pan, and flick. Documentation can be viewed here.

Stream logo


Stream develops scalable activity feeds and chat messaging APIs for multiple tech stacks — including iOS, Android and multi-platform frameworks. They have built an SDK specifically for Flutter which provides necessary feed and in-app messaging functionality and released a tutorial with step-by-step instructions to integrate chat into your Flutter app. Also check out our tutorial to learn how to build a location-sharing chat application using Stream x Bloc.

Supabase logo


An open source alternative to Firebase, Supabase provides high-quality support for Flutter and Dart. The detailed documentation makes it easy to integrate Supabase with a Flutter codebase. They continue to release updates packed with features, such as this one, which includes postgREST support, so it will be interesting to see what they continue to roll out in the future.

Wiredash logo


Wiredash is a tool to collect user feedback directly within Flutter applications. Written in Dart, it relies on functionality within the Flutter framework to provide high-quality feedback options without affecting the performance of the app. View their comprehensive documentation here.

For more companies building with Flutter, check out the showcase.

How we compile this list

We published the first iteration of this list for our blog in early 2021. It was intended to be a companion list to other resources in the Flutter Community, such as the Flutter Showcase maintained by Google and this list maintained by the Flutter Community. We want our list to highlight companies that we think are doing very good work, even if they may not have released a Flutter app yet. As such, this list is not exhaustive of all companies using Flutter, nor is it intended to be. There are also companies that contribute to the Flutter ecosystem with useful tools, so this list is a place to showcase them as well. 

We aim to update this list two times a year with companies that we think are doing noteworthy, innovative, or useful work — work that takes the Flutter ecosystem to the next level. We keep a close eye on companies that share their Flutter work and seek suggestions from the community for future lists. However, there is certainly a subjective element when we select which companies to add. We prioritize companies that have something public to point to that demonstrates the awesome work they are doing. In many cases, a conference talk, open source GitHub repo, case study, or something similar, tends to be more useful than an app store link; we want to see how companies are using Flutter and Dart in cool ways, not just that they are using it. 

If you want to suggest a company to add to a future list, let us know about it on Twitter!

We partner with companies to design, build, and scale successful apps using Flutter. Check out some of our best practices for building enterprise apps.

NOTE: This article has been updated in April 2023 with updates to reflect the latest information we could find. We included a revised introduction and added more companies doing noteworthy work with Flutter and Dart.

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