The shortest path to AI everywhere, is Flutter

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can do with AI, but one thing is for sure: you will need to make your AI experiences available across all kinds of software platforms - spanning mobile, desktop, web, wearables, cars…and that’s where Flutter shines!

January 30, 2024
January 30, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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The tech world is fascinating. Since the 1950s, every decade has experienced a breakthrough that has expanded the limits of what humans can do, how we communicate, analyze data, perform tasks, and experience art and joy. 

In my lifetime, I have experienced 2 major transformations that shaped how we live our lives: (1) Access to the web, it becoming mainstream and (2) equipping everyone with a smart device. These two milestones have democratized access to knowledge for everybody, connecting the world digitally and creating new lines of business and potential that were not feasible before.

Today, in 2024, AI is part of our daily routines and has taken over the tech conversation in the last 2 years, from ChatGPT to the latest Google innovations: Vertex AI as a platform where anyone can be an AI developer, and Gemini, Google’s most powerful multi-modal AI model. 

For the longest time, AI was only accessible to researchers, data scientists, and subject matter experts. Google’s AI solutions change the story's course, allowing every tech-savvy person to access a vast catalog of AI-focused tools ready to add value with very little knowledge. 

Building High-Quality AI Experiences at Scale with Flutter

We have experienced this firsthand at Very Good Ventures, where a small team of Flutter engineers developed in record time Ask Dash, a generative AI application that uses Vertex AI Search and Conversation trained in Flutter’s documentation to provide natural and meaningful responses to any question Flutter related. It is very easy to imagine how this technology applied to other experiences, such as customer service, real-time support, custom search engines, or digital assistants, can add tremendous value to an organization, increasing revenue, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. 

In the race to bring new AI experiences, Flutter is a key technology that enables access to any operating system and/or screen. The days when multiplatform development meant sub-par experiences are gone. Flutter allows organizations to ship faster and safer: it puts quality at the center of development, creating beautifully crafted experiences in record time at scale. Generative AI projects like I/O Flip and AskDash, built by our team of unicorns in partnership with Google, prove that Flutter is the best answer to bring your AI experiences to any platform quickly and with high quality!

Even ambitious open-source projects like AutoGPT have picked Flutter as the de-facto framework to bring AI experiences to everyone on any platform. In a world where business value is determined by data and what we do with it, and where data will be accessible to everyone, what will make the difference is our ability to build rich and engaging experiences in record time and the best framework to deliver those results today is Flutter.

Introducing AI in your organization: New opportunities and challenges for Flutter 

While all the improvements in Artificial Intelligence can create new opportunities for your organization, they also represent a risk. This means bringing those experiences to all the platforms where your product is deployed: web, iOS, Android, etc., otherwise, your product risks falling behind. Customers today demand rich and smooth experiences, and they always find alternatives to get what they want when they want it.

Flutter allows organizations to cut the time and cost of bringing AI experiences to production: whether it is the opportunity to create a new AI-powered app like, where AI is used to determine the performance of vehicles racing, or using add-to-app, like Betterment did, to enhance the features of your application without the need for a full rewrite, one thing is for sure certain: Flutter is the fastest and most successful way to bring new AI experiences everywhere.

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