Flutter News Toolkit: An advantage for publishers, powered by VGV

The Flutter News Toolkit can save up to 80% of development time. Partnering with VGV gives your team instant access to our best practices and ensures your app will be built for scale.

February 13, 2023
February 13, 2023
updated on
April 19, 2024
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VGV is gratified to see the industry rallying around the Flutter News Toolkit - a Google-led project to help publishers get into mobile with speed, quality, and maintainability. 

Some of the successes we’ve seen…

  • The amazing reaction from the community
  • A number of blog posts digging into its value
  • Companies already working on new news apps based on our template
  • Other agencies seeing the value and embracing the approaches VGV has pioneered and embodied in the template
The Flutter News Toolkit comes with a number of pre-built features.

VGV and Google set out to help publishers succeed in the mobile era. To see the enthusiasm and efforts already underway to take advantage of this template has validated these efforts.

News organizations have lots of choices when picking an agency to help them succeed with mobile. 

Here's why we suggest you consider us at VGV

VGV developed the Flutter News Toolkit for Google

We partnered with Google on the design and development of the Flutter News Toolkit. Our expertise is your advantage in speed to market with no compromises on brand or features. 

“The Very Good Ventures team is just so organized. I just have a lot of confidence in them. When they take on a project, I know we will get good results.” Zoey Fan, Senior Product Manager at Google. 

VGV developed and maintains the technology stack that powers the toolkit

With tools like Mason, Bloc, and Dart Frog, VGV puts you at the forefront of efficiency and maintainability.

“Very Good Ventures is laser focused on process and making life easier for the developers. They find economies of scale everywhere, always suggesting technologies that improve efficiency, like setting us up so that developers only need to learn Flutter and Dart to work on both front and backend development.” Timothy Hoang, Technical Solutions Product Manager at Google

VGV knows that your app needs great code and great design to win readers.

That's why we contributed the Flutter News Toolkit Figma community file to make it even easier to customize your app’s design.

“Very Good Ventures puts a lot of design guidance into the toolkit as well. The template is not just a block of code. It offers a beautiful UI to start with. The user can easily customize, but they start from a great looking, performant app.” Zoey Fan, Google.

Before choosing an agency partner, here are some key questions to ask:

How familiar are they with the Flutter News Toolkit?

Google hired VGV to partner with the Flutter team and the Google News Initiative to design and build the Flutter News Toolkit. Read all about it.

How many enterprise flutter open source packages do they maintain?

VGV develops and maintains 21 open source packages used by thousands of developers around the world. Many of these packages power the efficiency and maintainability in the Flutter News Toolkit. 

How familiar are they with Flutter?

VGV was the first agency fully dedicated to Flutter and is the industry leader in scalable Flutter standards. Our approach is a team-based model, coupled with our tools and best practices, to create Flutter codebases of exceptional architectural quality that will support feature and team growth long into the future.

“Thanks to Flutter and VGV, we delivered on our goal of building a fun, engaging, and performant app for all screens and mobile devices in significantly less time and cost than if we built it natively. The team and thousands of players are very happy with the results.” Clarence Kwei, SVP Consumer Technology, Dow Jones

How will they ensure knowledge transfer so the publisher is self-sufficient?

VGV is committed to making our clients self-sufficient through peer programming and training. Don’t be fooled by low-cost agencies who will leave you holding the bag with a lot of code your engineers may not be able to maintain. Most of your app’s cost comes after launch when you need to maintain it and add features. VGV works with you to ensure your long-term success

Build a very good news app

We are proud that the Flutter News Toolkit is easy to use and superbly documented so that publishers and their agencies can launch with it. 

For publishers with exacting requirements, perhaps with existing native apps they wish to migrate, VGV is the obvious choice. At a fixed fee, publishers can partner with VGV and get a beautiful, custom, full-featured mobile news app for iOS and Android in 8 weeks for a fraction of the cost to build natively. 

Partner with us to bring your news app to mobile with the Flutter News Toolkit. Contact us to get started →

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