Flutter 101 Podcast: Thoughts on Flutter consulting, open source, and testing

October 8, 2021
October 8, 2021
updated on
March 13, 2023
Guest Contributor

David DeRemer, president and founder of Very Good Ventures, was recently interviewed by Vince Varga on the Flutter 101 podcast. In the episode, they talk about Very Good Ventures, building a Flutter consultancy, our testing philosophy, and our approach to creating open source software.

Notably, David observes that the types of companies building with Flutter are totally different than even a year ago. Large, well-known brands and big teams are now embracing Flutter heavily. 

For companies looking to open source their software, David advises that they do so thoughtfully and with the ultimate intention of helping the Flutter Community. When it comes to our own open source software, David notes: 

We want to add things to the open source ecosystem that are high-quality, that people can trust when they choose to use it, that have good documentation, and all of the things you need to be a good, trusted package and library.

For more, listen to episode on the Flutter 101 podcast with Vince Varga here.

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