Behind the Unicorn Magic: Get to know the VGV Team

Meet Jorge Coca, VGV’s Head of Engineering Services

January 25, 2024
January 25, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Jorge's Background

J: I hold three engineering degrees, a bachelor's in Telecommunications Engineering from Spain, a Master's from the Technical University of Madrid, and another Master's in Information Technology and Management from IIT held in Chicago. My career in the US started with three years at SPR, a consulting company in Chicago, where I worked with companies like Orbitz (now part of Expedia), Groupon, and Enova, delving into mobile, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, etc. 

BMW then entered the picture, offering an opportunity to lead the global Android team. Transitioning to Flutter, I initiated a research and production team, marking my involvement with Flutter since 2018. Upon joining VGV, it has been a continuous exploration of Flutter through collaborations with Toyota, Visa, Accenture, AutoNation, and other major clients.

Role at VGV

Can you describe what you currently do and how you found out about VGV?

J: I'm the Head of Engineering at Very Good Ventures, with a primary focus on various platform technologies, particularly Flutter these days. Celebrating my fourth anniversary with VGV this month, I've spent three and a half years as the Head of Engineering. Recently, my focus has extended to exploring AI technology and Cloud strategy, among other areas.

Before joining VGV, I was a Tech Lead for mobile at BMW. My responsibilities included researching strategies to provide consistent value for iOS and Android across all markets. This led us to choose Flutter, and through this, I crossed paths with VGV, especially after speaking at the Flutter Droidcon conference in New York back in 2019. 

The initial connection with the team and their work, particularly with projects like Hamilton, drew me in. Eventually, when exploring professional options beyond BMW, VGV was top of mind due to the instant connection I felt with the team, the technology they used, and the impressive client portfolio they had.

Can you describe a project you're particularly proud of?

J: I take immense pride in our collaboration with Google, where we've undertaken projects like I/O Flip, I/O Pinball, Photo Booth, and Super Dash, among others. These projects exemplify our creativity and ability to deliver in record time. Working with Google is exciting, as they consistently challenge us to innovate. Another big partnership I am very proud of is with Toyota, where we are integrating Flutter into the next generation of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Are there any emerging technologies or trends you find particularly exciting ​​what trends sort of freak you out?

J: I find technology itself not concerning, but rather how we utilize it. Artificial intelligence, in particular, presents a vast range of opportunities for individuals and companies. Exploring the potential of AI in enhancing customer connections, brand engagement, and developer capabilities is where the excitement lies. Flutter, from my point of view, represents an opportunity to bring AI to screens worldwide, and the evolving landscape is intriguing.

What challenges do you find in your day-to-day role, and how do you address them?

J: The primary challenge lies in the evolving nature of my role. While formal training equips professionals with technical skills, it doesn't prepare them to be business leaders. My role has transformed every six months, from a Tech Expert to a Business Director, without sacrificing core skills. Balancing organizational results, talent optimization, and client experience is crucial. The key is sharing knowledge, learning continuously, and trusting the team to excel in various areas.

How crucial is teamwork and collaboration in your projects?

J: Teamwork is my top priority. In a consultancy setting, our product is the collective talent and experience of the team. Starting with a team of five at VGV, we've grown to 60-70 individuals -and that’s only counting in my team- handling multiple projects. Teamwork is essential for scaling a consultancy company, and it remains a driving factor in our success. The challenge is finding ways to optimize collaboration as the team continues to evolve.

Looking Forward

What aspirations do you have for the impact of your work at VGV in the future?

J: My focus is not solely on titles or roles, but on facing increasingly complex challenges. As an immigrant, the appeal of the work and challenges has been more significant than specific titles. The excitement lies in continually tackling sophisticated challenges and providing value that partners cannot achieve alone. I encourage my team to aspire to take my role -and I mean it with a smile on my face! That’s a way to foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth. That’s what will set a continuous hunger of getting better each day. 

VGV is more than just a workplace for me; it's a collective effort to build something meaningful. Since the early days with a small team, the culture of collaboration has been a testament to VGV's values. The goal is to make VGV an everlasting software agency, recognized globally for its quality and confidence. This journey involves daily problem-solving, idea generation, and personal growth. The culture of continuous improvement allows us to achieve higher milestones collectively, making me proud to be part of VGV.

Who is Jorge beyond VGV?

  • Born and raised in Madrid, Spain
  • Hobbies: Jorge loves to play all kinds of musical instruments, like electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica…and he also builds them!
  • He loves watching soccer matches and thinking about the different strategies around them. Go Real Madrid! 
  • You can also find a chill Jorge when he cooks: He claims to make the best Spanish food, especially paella, in the Midwest!

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