What Amazon AWS support means for Flutter

Last week, Amazon announced AWS support for Flutter.

August 26, 2020
August 26, 2020
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April 19, 2024
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Last week, Amazon announced AWS support for Flutter. With the Amplify Flutter framework, developers can now access cloud computing capabilities within Flutter apps.

AWS gives developers access to three main components: open source libraries to access cloud-computing capabilities, command-line tools that can access cloud data, and services to deploy and host web applications. AWS can now be seamlessly integrated with mobile applications built with Flutter. 

Following on the heels of Google reporting that over 90,000 apps in the Google Play Store have been built with Flutter, Amazon’s announcement is yet another indication that Flutter is gaining momentum. 

Screenshot of Amplify Flutter documentation
Amplify Flutter framework documentation

Amazon’s Confidence in Flutter

The Flutter community tends gravitate toward Google Cloud Platform — including Firebase which is extremely powerful with Flutter apps — but Amazon is now providing another route for cloud integration.

This is big news for companies with operations in China and other regions where Google cloud services may simply not be an option. Companies with operations in Europe may also be interested since Amazon continues to serve as the most popular cloud provider there.

In fact, Amazon is the leading cloud provider worldwide at 33% of the market share. The fact that Amazon is creating “Flutter-first” products gives us more confidence in Flutter’s future.

Cloud Infrastructure Services Market Graph from Synergy Research Group
Cloud Infrastructure Services Market Q2 2020

This could be the tipping point for companies using AWS. Companies that have been on the fence about switching to Flutter will now find it easier to do so, especially if they are already using the Amazon ecosystem. Before, clients would ask us if we could integrate Flutter with AWS and we would answer: “Yes, but…” We are optimistic that soon we will be able to answer: “Yes!” 

Ultimately, the limitations to adopting Flutter are shrinking. While Amplify Flutter is still in developer mode, we aren’t migrating major apps over just yet. For now, we are digging into the framework as we eagerly await a stable release.

For more information on the AWS Amplify news, read the announcement here.

Jorge Coca contributed to this article.


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