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About Very Good Ventures

Our mission is to do the best with the time we have and be excellent to each other.

We are tech enthusiasts, creative souls, passionate engineers, and lovers of all things Flutter. We strive to use our time and resources to do the best work, build beautiful experiences, and create happiness.

Our Story

In 2018, the team that built the very first commercial Flutter app — the Hamilton app — created a new company focused on using the latest new technologies to build products that people would love to use.

Since then, we've emerged as the leading experts in Flutter app development. We achieved many of Flutter's "firsts" — the first commercial app, the first public demo of Flutter desktop embedding, and the first public prototype of Flutter on the Web — and today we are fully committed to high-quality Flutter apps built for scale.

We are fully committed to the future of app development. We've attracted some of the industry's best talent and work with top companies to build scalable Flutter apps that create strategic advantage.
Our Team

Smart, talented, and friendly.

Our Locations

We're in a bunch of timezones

Map of VGV teammates around the world with locations in New York, Chicago, and others.

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Flutter 5 Questions

December 10, 2019
David DeRemer

We're the leading team for next-generation apps.

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