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Don't let Covid-19 stop your hackathon.

Our new platform makes all-virtual competitons simple and fun.


All Virtual by Design

Quick Team Creation

Don't think twice about organizing teams. Our easy to use team builder helps your community self-organize effortlessly.

Community Voting

Involve your community in the final decision process with an awesome gallery-style voting system.

Built in Live Streaming

With youtube live-streaming built into Hacky, your community stays updated, engaged, and entertained, without leaving the app.


Ready. Set. Code.

2 Weeks

Initial Setup

Tailor Hacky to your brand and community.
  • Custom branding and landing page
  • Custom voting setup
  • Communication and live stream setup
1 week


Get teams signed up and ready.
  • Marketing to users
  • Reach out the developer groups
  • Custom Emails
3 days


Run a show everyone will remember.
  • Ongoing support
  • Chat Moderation
  • Ceremony and Prizes

Built with love for the community

When the global pandemic hit, we were afraid that our favorite event — the annual Flutter Community Hackathon — would be cancelled. There simply was not an affordable solution that would allow us to take the hackathon completely online in such a short amount of time.
As the largest hackathon dedicated exclusively to building Flutter apps, thousands of developers from around the world look forward to this event every year. We know that nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment from building something from scratch alongside others in the community. We couldn’t stand the thought of cancelling or waiting until the next year.
So we set to work and started building our own custom virtual hackathon solution. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the virtual experience would be comparable to the hackathons of years prior when we could gather safely in person. We created a dashboard, hosted live streams, and added support with slack moderation. 
We were surprised to hear from many attendees that this year’s hackathon was their favorite out of all the previous years — this overwhelming response inspired us to make our virtual hackathon solution widely available!  We thought surely other communities are having the same problem, so we decided to make it available for organizers like you!

Your fans deserve an awesome experience.

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