Our expertise


We are globally recognized leaders in Flutter, iOS, Android, and API development.


We provide all of the skills and capabilities to incubate and launch new technology ventures for web and mobile — design & strategy, technical architecture, cloud infrastructure & server-side development, web development, and mobile app development.

We are recognized leaders in iOS, Android, and Flutter development as well as node.js server-side development primarily using serverless deployment, Firebase, and Google Cloud.


Global leaders in Flutter development


Flutter is an emerging cross-platform mobile framework developed by Google. Our team is one of the most experienced Flutter development teams in the world.

The Hamilton app has been the flagship Flutter app since its launch in August 2017, and our Flutter apps have been featured at Google I/O and Google tech conferences around the world. We were also tasked by Google to create a Flutter-based Mac app for the Flutter Live ‘18 keynote.



Are you a CTO or executive interested in Flutter for your team? We’ve been there and we know it’s not an easy thing to consider. What are the pros, cons, and risks? Can we trust it for our business? What does it mean for our native teams? How do we achieve our current level of productivity as soon as possible? What architectures are best for our needs? Will Flutter support all of our functional requirements?

We provide free Flutter consultations to help you do your due diligence on Flutter.