Very Good Ventures expands presence in Europe with new Poland office

July 7, 2021
July 7, 2021
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December 10, 2021
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We have some exciting news — we are expanding our presence to Europe! We’ve been working with teammates remotely for a while now and have decided to put down roots in Poland, as a foundation in the EU, as we focus on expanding our team and client base globally.

VGV Poland

Our new office in Warsaw will allow us to continue providing our clients with expert Flutter app development services, but now with Europe-friendly timezones. Dominik Roszkowski will lead the VGV Poland team as a Principal Engineer based in Warsaw. Dominik is an active member of the Flutter Community. He is a Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter and co-founder of the Flutter Europe conference. An integral member of our team, Dominik focuses on building high-quality Flutter applications for clients and implementing tooling that improves the developer experience. Dominik will work in Poland with other teammates, as we grow our team and client base in Europe.

Dominik and Matt in the VGV Poland office
Dominik & Matt

Opening an office in Poland is about more than establishing a physical location in Europe. Poland is an epicenter of Flutter talent and we’re excited to be a part of it. Rather than operating on their own, the Poland team will continue to work closely with our teammates in the U.S. and around the world. Our goal is for all VGV engineers to collaborate on projects, continue to deliver scalable Flutter applications to our clients, and build tooling to further optimize Flutter development.

We’re pivoting to the central hub office model 

Shortly after opening our Chicago office in January 2020, widespread lockdowns began around the country. Our New York employees weren’t commuting to the office in the Chrysler Building anymore and some of us went home to entirely different states. As many other companies have begun to experience the benefits of remote models of working, we too began to rethink how we approach our work. Due to our industry, moving to remote work was natural. Physical office space became less important and we began to experiment with a hub-and-spoke office model

Having hub offices allows us to give our employees additional flexibility. When it is safe to meet in groups again, teams can meet up whenever they want to collaborate, or have the option to work from the office on a daily basis. The important thing is that for now, we won’t be requiring them to come to the office every day. This has the added benefit of saving time otherwise spent on a daily commute, which can help our teammates make the most of their days and achieve a better work-life balance. This also allows us to be more flexible with where we hire teammates. 

Teammates in Europe and Beyond!

We aim to hire the best talent wherever they are. As of today, we have teammates in the U.S., Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Nicaragua. We try to keep our team close to our central hub offices, if possible, so that teammates can meet up and work together when the need arises (and when it’s safe, of course!). Long-term, we feel like this is the best solution for the way we work. However, we also know that there is an abundance of Flutter talent around the world. We look forward to expanding our global team, adding more VGV hubs, and working more closely with clients around the world. 

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